Move that body!

Yoga 101

Today was my first yoga class at the studio where I take Pilates classes twice a week. I’ve done a class at Oui Power Yoga before, and some classes from Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube (which I still love) but I wanted real instruction and I know my instructor would make corrections and get me really aligned correctly.  

I am already feeling it in muscles I know I worked today. Y’all – coupled with Pilates I hope to have three sessions a week! I still am lacking the cardio I really need but this will definitely help with muscle tone. 

My favorite pose of today was the Half Moon. I’m so excited to start really getting into the practice! 

Cheers to more Yoga pants! Ha! 

Move that body!

Workout dedication 

I was SO pumped to get to Pilates today. Rushed to class. 


Grabbed my Mat. 

Looked around the car. 

No clothes to change into. 

I know I grabbed them this am and put them in a bag. 

 They’re not in my car. Anywhere. 

Panic. Sadness. 

I’m not skipping class. 

So I bought $45 worth of Pilates clothes and took class. 

Gulp. At least they are cute.