Vegan chicken and rice casserole 

I really pride myself on recipe free cooking…I like to practice what I’ve learned so far and see if I can execute. This was the perfect opportunity to do that. 

In my house the hubs and doodlebug like to eat before 5:30. Which makes it super hard to cook a meal after work due to time. So I prepped everything last night and all I have to do when I get home is heat it in the oven. Voila! Dinner on time. 

The non-vegans in my house are noshing on a standard chicken and rice casserole with peas. I’m eating this: 

  • Prepared rice
  • Gardein chicken strips 
  • Peas
  • Quick fast cheesy-cream of anything soup replacement: mix one tablespoon vegan butter with one tablespoon flour. Wisk to cook the flour. Add vegan milk of your choice- about a cup or cup and a half. Stir till it thickens. Add nutritional yeast, salt and pepper. I added a few shreds of vegan mozzarella because why not? 

Basically I mixed all 4 parts together and I’m going to pop it in the oven. 

I’m sure this will be a recipe base I tweak going forward but I’ll let you know how it works out! 

Dinner was served and it was awesome! The flavor was on point. It wasn’t as cheesy/creamy as the non-vegan counterpart but it wasn’t dry either. I’ll save that mix for future and keep on tweaking it as needed. 

Happy kitchen exploration! 


Butternut Squash Enchiladas

So I’m sure you have heard of sweet potato and black bean enchiladas but in working to within the container system of 21 Day Fix I am only allotted two yellows. So I made some adjustments. 

To fill my containers: 

  • 2 – 6″ tortillas (2 yellow) 
  • Butternut squash (1 green) 
  • Black beans (1 red) 

Roast butternut squash by cutting down the middle, scooping out seeds, place cut side down in baking dish with veggie broth on bottom in 350 degrees for one hour. 

Sautée onions in water on stove. Add mashed butternut squash. Punch up that flavor. 

Black beans – I used canned – punch up the flavor by mixing with hot sauce ( free food)! 

Divide one green and one red among the two tortillas. Add a bit of salsa and Daiya cheese to the top and pop under the broiler for about 5 minutes while the cheese melts and the tortillas get crispy edges. 



Chickpea Tenders

As a mom, I’m always looking for healthy ways to get a variety of veggies, fruits and protein into my doodlebugs belly. Carbs are not a concern. She’s got that on her own! 

I came across this recipe in a cookbook gifted to me from my friend Angela. 

Find it here 

Once you have the two spice mixtures ready, the recipe is a breeze! 

I choose to divide the recipe into 8 instead of 4 tenders to make each tender just under 100 calories and its a friendlier size for little hands. 

Take a look! 

And the taste? Fantastic. These will be in the rotation for me. 

I love making my own seitan but that was all I used Vital Wheat Gluten for and now I have a new go to recipe. 

Look her up! 


My Thanksgiving loaf…

Not sure what the centerpiece of your vegan meal will be yet? How about a Tofu Loaf loaded with seasonal flavor!

Start by pressing your tofu. I’m a fan of the “two paper towels under and books on top” method of pressing my tofu. Cheap and effective.

In this pan I have onion, carrot, and celery. Already the beginning of a happy meal. I’m cooking it in both olive oil and vegan butter for extra flavor. I usually season my veg when sautéing with salt and pepper because it helps the veg start to wilt and builds a solid flavor base.

Ok so onion, carrot, celery, EVOO, vegan butter, S&P. Great.

Pulse the tofu in a food processor until it’s in nice granular pieces. Pop that in. Mixing bowl.

Add breadcrumbs (read these labels – most have some milk products), Italian seasoning, and your vegetable mixture. Taste for seasoning.

At this point I added a bit of liquid smoke for depth of flavor.

Press into a pan and pop it into the oven. Bake at 375 and voila! Warm and delightful tofu loaf to grace your Thankagiving table.

  What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?


Bobbity bobbity …. Dinner?

Clearly all the princess party planning has clouded my mind and I can think of little else. Including planning what I was going to feed the family for dinner tonight.

Last night was a Southwest Vegan Mac and cheeze freezer meal that I thought would last two dinners but apparently we were hungry and it ended up being our dinner and my lunch.

So with a work meeting running much longer than it was supposed to – I ran out of the office determined to mentally meal prep on my way to pick up Doodlebug. She’s typically FAMISHED when we get home and moments saved are crucial. I have a feeling that you understand.

Ring…ring…(well phones don’t really do that anymore, but roll with me). Hello long lost friend! Yes, let’s chat all the way to daycare.

Enter the house. Mom panic sets in and I open the fridge hoping the Dinner Elves have passed. Bust.

Tofu – ok, we’re off to a good start so far.

Spinach – Doodlebug won’t touch it but let’s pull it out.

Three tortilla and leftover Naan – yeah, carbs!

Oh! Grilled red peppers and asparagus from two nights ago. That’s recent enough to be on tonight’s menu!

Let’s get cooking. I’m feeling good. I can make this happen!

Tofu – water sauté with homemade taco seasoning because I’m out of the ready made stuff. I pull up a Pinterest recipe for taco seasoning and being that I’m in a rush I find a picture and estimate measurements. Two parts this and one part of everything else. I think onion powder and garlic powder would be a bit much for Doodlebug so I skip the garlic powder. This is totally free form and I’m feeling it.

Turn on the music – Doodlebug dances and plays in the Keurig box that brought out K-cups of happiness this afternoon.

Returning to the task at hand I grab a can of black beans. I don’t know many people who don’t have an emergency can of black beans in the pantry. Put those rinsed beans aside.

Thinly slice asparagus and red peppers. Warm them in the pan that I sautéed the tofu in to pick up that “on the fly” taco seasoning.

Hello dinner! Doodlebug ate two tofu tacos! That is a winner in my book! My Man and I layered our tofu, beans and veggies on naan since Doodlebug only left us one tortilla – sweet love can have them all!

My man wasn’t impressed with my seasoning mix but I thought it did the trick.

Have you had to save the night with a quick fix dinner this week?


Butternut squash easy peasy soup

Y’all I made this soup tonight and it was hearty, delicious and nearly effortless. 
Roast two white potatoes and a whole butternut squash. Did you know you don’t even have to cut the squash in half?

Throw the whole squash in a roasting pan and let it go! I did poke a hole in it just to be safe. 
When they are done, roughly peel them and throw them in a blender with a few cups of veggie broth. I added some soy milk to add creaminess and to thin it out. 
Season it with nutmeg, salt, pepper and onion powder. 
Heat to eat.
I served it with warmed naan. 
Y’all. Yum. 🍵