Crafty Momma

Stepping up the Skills!

Hubby made a request: “I want to send my friend a gift for their new baby Caroline. I want it all LSU themed because he’s a super fan. Can you do that?” 

Yeah, babe, I got that. 

$50.00 at Hobby Lobby just for ribbon – and it was half off. I was on my lunch break and had to make decisions quickly. Which reminds me I still need to return what I didn’t end up using. 

So we ended up sending off this: 

I made the tutu with glitter tulle. It’s a mistake I’ll never make again. Talk about a mess! Really, who would purchase that a second time after the experience the first? What would possibly be the reason? The tutu was fairly easy and I followed the instructions from The Pinning Mama. 

Made two headbands, three bows, and purchased special purple HTV for the project. I think the onesies came out super cute. 

This is my second set I of onesies in this design set so I’m going to have to add to my repertoire soon but this is going to stay in rotation for sure. 

Crafty Momma

Let’s get crafty! 

Y’all – I now own a Cameo and I’m ready to tackle the world! Once I figure out how to use the darn thing. Holy learning curve!

Thank goodness for YouTube videos and those that have gone on this journey before me because I just don’t have the patience to figure this out the Trial and Error way. Even with video tutorials I’ve spend probably 4 hours leaning the basics before I actually made something. Curious what my first project was? Ta-da!  A gift for our friend, Carson.   

 I was so pumped that I then made a card for nuggets friends birthday party in Saturday. Woah, look at me go!  

 This really is a lot of fun but it’s a $$ investment as well! 

I’m tackling a lot of wedding personalization thanks to this nifty gadget which I cannot share yet but I will in a few short weeks! 

Crafty Momma

It’s a……turkey! 


I love being able to showcase Doodlebugs art! We often create artistic gifts for family that lives far away be use I feel like it’s a way for them to really experience her sweet little self.

Thanks to Pinterest I have ideas for art projects for all ages, all holidays and rainy days as well.

If you use a bit of your imagination you can see our Thankful turkey in the abstract nature of her sweet hand and feet prints. Love ❤️

I think Grammy and Papa will love these.