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On day one we acknowledged that people come to veganism from a number of different backgrounds and beliefs. One that I mentioned was a concern for the environment. I want to share with you some very basic information on the impact that a vegan diet can have on the Earth and then perhaps your WHY VEGAN is because of something you see here that leads you on a path to further research and discovery.

In the days of constant climate change debates and the protection of water and other natural resources it’s important to see how our dietary choices can contribute to a healthier body and healthier environment. This info graphic from yourdailyvegan.com shows how much of our resources are dedicated to the production of meat.

What strikes you most about the information above? Is there something that you are most passionate about that resonates with you to encourage you on this path?

One thing that really resonated with me is the amount of corn and soy beans that farmers have to grow just to feed the animals that are eventually slaughtered. I really am interested in learning about how much of that land could be rededicated to crops for human consumption and what impact we could make on the issue of Hunger in America. I see a follow up post on that in the future!

There you have it. The goal today was to think beyond just ourselves and our personal changes but to ways in which our choices may impact our environment. As always, I appreciate your comments!