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Grocery shopping tips and tricks

Who loves grocery shopping?

Y’all – I might be crazy but if I were given the opportunity to spend a few hours in a fabulous gourmet grocery store I would take it in a heartbeat! I love exploring new products and foods.

Weekly grocery shopping is another story all together. In fact, we’ve all but done away with it. Since Walmart grocery pick up came to our town we have used it every weekend except once when I placed the order too late and our pick up time was not available. Lesson learned on that one! But that’s not really the point of this post.

My girlfriend causally mentioned that her new goal was to cut back on what she thought was overspending on groceries. I think we all agree groceries are expensive. As a family of four (but really 2.5 eaters) we spend about $150 a week. We try to buy as much organic as we can and while that makes the grocery bill climb, it’s very important to us so we make that adjustment.

When thinking about how to cut her bill she mentioned that they throw out an unfortunate amount of food because the girls decide they don’t like it or it doesn’t get used in time.

Here are a few options that I have for really cutting the grocery bill:

  1. Look at what you wasted last week and do not purchase those items this week. Perhaps you went through a period where the girls loved a specific fruit but that’s passed but your still buying the same quantity (we sometimes go on autopilot, right?).
  2. If you see you’re wasting veggies, consider buying frozen veggies for your sides. They are just as healthy and you can pop extras back in the freezer!
  3. Meal plan for the week and stick to that plan so you use the ingredients you purchase! If it seems like you won’t need to cook all the recipes you planned, cook the ones that called for the most fresh ingredients first – save recipes that rely primarily on pantry items for last so you won’t have much waste.
  4. Order groceries online! Our grocery bill has drastically dropped just thanks to this tip! Instead of strolling through the grocery and pulling little items into the cart, ordering online eliminates the impulse buys!

So there you have it! What do you do to same money on groceries each week?


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