Happily moving forward

Hello! Its been a while!

That’s how I feel coming back to this babyblog. It’s surely been a while, and a lot has happened.

I gave birth to our second child in March and we are adjusting to being a family of four. He’s just perfect, y’all. He’s really a wonderful little man. I’m breastfeeding- as I did for Doodlebug – and he’s absolutely growing like a little weed. I’m still on maternity leave and loving every single day being with my little man.

We’re still waiting on the completion of our forever home. We were hoping to be moving in the first week of June – but that’s just not realistic. They haven’t even laid the floors yet. Sigh. We’re so very ready to get settled.

I’m back to 21 Day Fix – hopefully I can be more committed this go round then the least time I posted here about it – because I think that lasted one week. Whoops. This past week I started but really just the exercise part. I haven’t started the container part – and I’m not as worried about the rigidity of that because of the nursing but I do need to still clean up my diet a bit. So I’ll let those concepts guide me beginning this coming week.

We celebrated our first anniversary! We got a sitter and had a lovely sushi dinner. We came home and had the obligatory cake bites. We were both surprised how good it tasted after that year in the deep freezer! Who would have thought?

I think I’m going to try to pop back in here a bit more often….maybe try a bit more posting of recipes and such – especially once I’m in my dream kitchen in the new house.

More to come!