Happily moving forward

What you can do in a hour

The image on the left us from a few weekends back but it’s a good picture of the length of my hair. The image on the right is what my amazing stylist did in under an hour. 

I wanted a change and that’s what I got! 

Here’s what prompted this wild change for me. I saw a picture of myself this past weekend. My long hair was flat to my head and did nothing for me. It didn’t reflect my feelings or my personality. I just really didn’t care for the picture. So I called my salon and took my stylists first available appointment.  

I’m really loving the fresh new look. I haven’t had my hair this short in so long! It’s so fun for me. I also think it will make me want to take time on my hair (let’s be honest, I still only have 4 minutes of time in the morning so it won’t be “just left the salon” gorgeous but it can be better)!

Style updates coming soon! 


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