Happily moving forward

Younique update

My new make up came in! 

Step 1: clean all brushes. 

This really should be done more frequently than I do but trying a new makeup is really a reminder. 

I’ve been using bareMinerals brush cleaner for a while. I trust the brand and it works well. So well that when washing my foundation brush I feel like I could have gotten another two weeks coverage out of what I washed down the drain! Geesh!  

Get it here or wherever you get your Products. 

So here’s the thought on the foundation. 

It’s super light coverage. Which is really my preference on a day to day basis. It feels like a feather going on which is lovely. I felt like I needed a good number of drops to cover my face but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I knew exactly what I needed with my previous foundation. 

Overall it’s holding well throughout the day! 

Now about the mascara – I was warned they changed the formula. Boy did they! 

I miss the old packaging too. This fabric case may be cheaper but it’s kind of a hassle. 

So the foundation I think is fine. 

Mascara I’m not really sold on yet. 

There we have it!


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