Happily moving forward


I’m a recovering acrylic nail addict. 

Woah. Hard core right? 

It’s been a few weeks since I took them off and this is probably the longest I’ve gone without caving and putting them back on – drills and all! But this time I seem to be holding strong! 

I have been polishing with Doodlebug weekly and fixing them as needed because y’all – polish chips! And my real nails are so thin due to the years of acrylic so the polish cracks with each nail the bends. Yes, it’s a painful sight. 

So I broke down and did the gel nails! And they are holding up so much better than polish. I think this may be the way I have to go until my nails really strengthen.  

And look how short! Haha. No really, this is a lot of change for me.  



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