Happily moving forward

Craft Level 2.0

I love when my SIL text with the date of my nephews birthday party and theme. What do I do? Hope on to Pinterest and check it out… What can I make and contribute? Bingo! Craft time. 

Theme: Avengers

Favorite: Spider-Man 

I offered to make the banner and was asked to make his shirt. That shirt was a learning curve that took way too long. But lesson learned…. and I will be making another like this since I have it figured out now. 

It was the fabric and HTV outline that gave me grief. 

What I did wrong: didn’t immediately save the dimensions of my 3 after cutting the fabric so my overlay wasn’t aligning. I wasted so much card stock testing sizes I eventually scrapped it and started over. 

What you should do: 

Always test with card stock before cutting the HTV. That stuff isn’t cheap!

So…quick and dirty how to: 

  1. Design letter/number to size and apply offset at your desired thickness
  2. Bond the Pellon Heat and Bond to back side of fabric
  3. Place fabric on cut mat and cut – make sure you have the blade deep enough to cut through fabric and Heat and Bond
  4. Cut HTV for offset only
  5. Peek back side off Heat and Bond and iron cut fabric to shirt. Apply HTV offset on top. 
  6. Bravo. 

Y’all – it doesn’t seem difficult but that time it took me this go around was awful! 

I read in a few places that you don’t need the fabric blade to cut – but I did have to do a bit of clean up after the cut on my 3. It’s totally possible that my blade is dull anyway. Might need to look into that. 

So there you have it. I’m super pleased with it! Spider man placement worked well in the 3 and I really think he will wear this long after the day itself. 


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