Happily moving forward


 I’ve been reading Famous in Heaven and At Home. I was doing really well and enjoying it – carving time out of my evening to make sure I did the reading. They weren’t long daily readings and I felt both accomplished and encouraged. I even encouraged my SIL’s to pick up a copy of the book. 

Then I got to day 7. 

I know it doesn’t seem like I got that far when it got hard. What Michelle Myers was asking me to do was a stretch. I don’t have the answer. It was going to take a lot of reflection – not a strong point of mine. 

I took almost a week off. 

I picked up the book tonight after putting doodlebug to bed and spend just under an hour in reflection and study. Considering my incredible blessings bestowed to me of being a wife and a mother and how I want to really realign my priorities when they get misguided by things like money, advancement, and ownership. 

I’m glad I took the time to dig deep and reflect. I’m glad I chose to dive back into the book when I knew what was coming because my craving for Him was great enough. My desire to grow spiritually was enough to get back in. That itself is progress. 

Time for some yoga and bed – or yoga in bed. No really, it’s a thing. 



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