Oh My Goodness - I'm a Mom!

Toddler eating habits 

At least she eats some of the broccoli, right? 

Our discussion went down like this: 

“Doodlebug, why do you only eat the leaves of your trees? ”

“Cause I like em. ”

Fair enough. This was not a battle to fight.  This was a mini Mom victory. Now, doodlebug had been a good eater from the get go but we’ve visited our own peeks and valleys. 

At 2.5 eating veggies that look like veggies and not having to hide them is something I know some fellow mommies dream of! Honestly I think it’s because she watches us eat all these things and it’s totally normal in our house. 

So…not only are you what you eat…. But so will your kids eat what you eat. 

But no pressure…lol.


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