Crafty Momma

Stepping up the Skills!

Hubby made a request: “I want to send my friend a gift for their new baby Caroline. I want it all LSU themed because he’s a super fan. Can you do that?” 

Yeah, babe, I got that. 

$50.00 at Hobby Lobby just for ribbon – and it was half off. I was on my lunch break and had to make decisions quickly. Which reminds me I still need to return what I didn’t end up using. 

So we ended up sending off this: 

I made the tutu with glitter tulle. It’s a mistake I’ll never make again. Talk about a mess! Really, who would purchase that a second time after the experience the first? What would possibly be the reason? The tutu was fairly easy and I followed the instructions from The Pinning Mama. 

Made two headbands, three bows, and purchased special purple HTV for the project. I think the onesies came out super cute. 

This is my second set I of onesies in this design set so I’m going to have to add to my repertoire soon but this is going to stay in rotation for sure. 


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