Happily moving forward

21 Day Fix – um….

So here’s the real deal with 21 Day Fix. 

You have to meal plan. 

I didn’t last week. 

Planning my lunch salads and measuring that out is no biggie. My breakfast shake – a walk in the park. 

Know what I struggled with this am? CARBS! Can you believe it? But really last week I make that awesome curry quinoa and this week I’m still wanting to eat clean and I’m looking for carbs. This is totally bizarre. Carbs are everywhere. Just not the healthy ones. 

So moral of the story to you: meal prep. Meal prep. Meal prep. 

We’re headed out to the country this weekend and tomorrow is the hubs birthday. Sushi for dinner. As a vegan I can totally 21 Day Fix a sushi meal! 

I’ll let you know how this weekend goes tho…


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