My Thanksgiving loaf…

Not sure what the centerpiece of your vegan meal will be yet? How about a Tofu Loaf loaded with seasonal flavor!

Start by pressing your tofu. I’m a fan of the “two paper towels under and books on top” method of pressing my tofu. Cheap and effective.

In this pan I have onion, carrot, and celery. Already the beginning of a happy meal. I’m cooking it in both olive oil and vegan butter for extra flavor. I usually season my veg when sautéing with salt and pepper because it helps the veg start to wilt and builds a solid flavor base.

Ok so onion, carrot, celery, EVOO, vegan butter, S&P. Great.

Pulse the tofu in a food processor until it’s in nice granular pieces. Pop that in. Mixing bowl.

Add breadcrumbs (read these labels – most have some milk products), Italian seasoning, and your vegetable mixture. Taste for seasoning.

At this point I added a bit of liquid smoke for depth of flavor.

Press into a pan and pop it into the oven. Bake at 375 and voila! Warm and delightful tofu loaf to grace your Thankagiving table.

  What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?


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