Oh My Goodness - I'm a Mom!

Final touches for the party… I think…

  In the world of social media it’s so easy to get caught up in the over abundance of birthday parties. I’m surely in that place. The party is two weeks away and I’m still searching and finding new things to add. Just today I decided the above picture will be on her princess/prince dressing table. 

Totally unnecessary. So cute. 

I also saw a post about adding a gold bottom to glass vases with just painters tape and gold spray paint. Oh goodness. This could be bad. It’s cheap! It’s DIY! I surely can handle that! 

We will have pictures and memories to last forever! Excuse me I have to run to Hobby Lobby and I only have an hour for lunch! 

2:05 PM 11/4/15

Update: I still haven’t purchased the gold spraypaint but I did find cheap white frames that I adore at Michael’s for only $2. I love their shape and price and also that after her party they can go in her room and I won’t be worried about her handling glass frames. Win-win-win! 



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